2020-05-04 we sent ESA "a Reminder of ESA’s assessment of our complaints; Norway’s violation of the Water framework directive".

We asked ESA for a decision on our previous complaints. February 2021, ESA contacted us, and asked for detailed information on chemicals, ecological and chemical status for water bodies, health issues etc, as a base for deciding whether they should enter a general assessment of Norway's fulfillment of WFD.

Quite a list, and possibly more than a NGO is able to fulfill. We have had good help, and hope to have furnished ESA with sufficient information. We sent our first load of information 2021.03.18, and a second load 2021.04.16 (we had to wait for information from others).

Reminder to ESA, 04 May 2020

Answer from ESA, 26 January 2021

Sending 18 March 2021

Sending 16 April 2021